Sunday, October 26, 2008

critical replays

An interview with Kenneth Goldsmith in Rain Taxi (transcribed from Ceptuetics, 03/08)

A review of K. Silem Mohammad's Breathalyzer (in Josef Kaplan's excellent Sustainable Aircraft)

Be sure to pick up the print edition of Rain Taxi for a review of Goldsmith's American Trilogy by Steve Zultanski (mp3-steve). Also, check out the other reviews in Sustainable Aircraft's second issue, including Diana Hamilton (mp3-diana) on Meg Hamill's Death Notices and Eddie Hopely (mp3-eddie) on Nico Vassilakis' Text Loses Time.

more from this blog-w/o-a-radiobody soon?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Craig Dworkin

For Ceptuetics' last show, Craig Dworkin provided insight into some of the social and technological issues surrounding conceptual poetics  and addressed his editorial choices for the UbuWeb Anthology of Conceptual Writing and a forthcoming book co-edited with Kenneth Goldsmith, Against Expression. He read from his most recent book, Parse (Atelos), and discussed the place of subjectivity in this text and other "uncreative" works.

Craig will be interviewing Vito Acconci at the Bronx Museum on Saturday at 3pm (North Wing, 2nd Floor). Scroll down from here for more info.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brad Flis

Brad Flis reads from his book Peasants, which will soon be released by Patrick Lovelace Editions. He shares a few other poems and talks with me about the union of disparate historical moments in his writing, the pressure to generate ethically 'responsible' work, and questions of clarity and censorship in poetry.

He'll be reading at the Poetry Project with Patrick Durgin on Monday 10/20 at 8pm.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tracie Morris and Tan Lin

Tan Lin reads (with me) from Plagiarism/Outsource, a project that chronicles Heath Ledger's death through SMS messages and RSS feeds. We talk about the technological provisions for ambient writing with multiple subjectivities, Tan's strategy of re-writing news stories by inserting himself into the work, the genres of autobiography and the novel, duration, and Warhol & disco as post-medium moments.

Tracie Morris airs audio pieces - "Get It, Got It," a collaboration with Elliott Sharp, and "Gallery" - and reads from a collaboration with Charles Bernstein, "Truth Be Told." We talk about poetry's potential for political intervention as we receive word on the economic crisis, and discuss language use in the 2008 election, speech act theory, and collaboration. File is strangely reverb-y.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Juliana Spahr

A new poem, The Incinerator, and a discussion on autobiography/anti-autobiography (see Juliana's Everybody's Autonomy), representing the local (thru Chillicothe), & class in Appalachia.

Listen here

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jen Bervin

Apologies to those who tried to catch Jen Bervin's reading/interview streaming at or iTunes -- WNYU's still in the midst of a move and doesn't have working Internet yet. Here's the show to download. Jen read from her latest book, The Desert (Granary Books, 2008), and talked about sewing-through John Van Dyke's work, her book's air, and the new readers & writers of the desert.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Five Shows on PennSound

Recent shows with David Buuck, Eddie Hopely, Matmos, Brian Kim Stefans, and Caroline Bergvall are all available on PennSound, thanks to Dear colleagueS Danny Snelson & Michael S. Hennessey.

WNYU's packing up for greener pastures (a few blocks down), so expect new room tones to fill the non-breaking spaces & stitches of Jen Bervin's poetry and book art next week.

Look to the right for more guests, soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Matmos (Drew Daniel & M.C. Schmidt) talk about their conceptual sound pieces, parapsychology, telepathic love, pedagogy, performances, and the sound & visual portraits that comprise The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast, an album that pays tribute to Wittgenstein, Burroughs and Solanas, among others.

Matmos has a new album out, Supreme Balloon

Friday, June 27, 2008

rabbit on their way to the capitol

Eddie Hopely reads from the chapbooks Plant, Rabbit on their way to the capitol, and other poems. We talk about blueprints, image and text, community & collaboration. Diana Hamilton and I read with Eddie, and describe his rabbit.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Brian Kim Stefans

Brian Kim Stefans reads from Kluge: A Meditation (Roof, 2007) and talks with me about minimal bits of information as events and variation in conceptual literature, ambient poetics and musical influences like John Cage and Alvin Lucier.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Caroline Bergvall

Caroline Bergvall reads a Chaucer tale and some figs. We discuss intertextuality, multilingualism and governmental strictures on speech, and the intersections of 'differential' practice, performance writing, and conceptualism. Caroline also gives a short recap of the recent Conceptual Poetry and Its Others conference at University of Arizona, which you can read more about from Kenneth Goldsmith and Charles Alexander.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), Caroline will be performing My Chaucer at the Hispanic Society of America along with Mario Diaz de Leon. 7:30 pm: Audubon Terrace, Broadway between 155th and 156th streets...By subway take number 1 train to 157th and Broadway

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Danny Snelson

Danny Snelson performs the translation project MY DEAR COUNTESS, a video / text cut-up. He also reads from The Book of Ravelling Women, a re-purposed Djuna Barnes chapbook with visual art by Phoebe Springstubb, and talks with me about his source materials, his projects' focus on reading, and re-orienting the 'you' of Barnes' work. See his recent PennSound featured resources here.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome to the Zoo

Diana Hamilton reads from The Zoo, Soft Snap (+0ther Salutations), and other works. She talks with me about words hanging out together, Wikipedia, anthropomorphism, and Dick Cheney.

For those in New York, Diana will be reading at the Poetry Project this Monday the 19th, at 8pm, along with another ceptuetics guest, sara wintz.

from Soft Snap:

third-person reading be
divorced or giving divorce a Divorce

rates in us are rising
accord to rought round of in

no doubt process everyone
unhapis even worse. If you are
better to bail

a reassessing of how:
become an issue you can spend

come laws

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chris Funkhouser

talks digital poetry and reads from a forthcoming work, Technopoetry Rising. More of his work recently archived at PennSound.

note: Caroline Bergvall will not be on the show May 21st, but June 4th.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ara Shirinyan

Ara Shirinyan reads from Syria is in the World (Palm Press, 2007) and Your Country Is Great (Afghanistan - Guyana) (Futurepoem, 2008). We talk about the "largest small country," its claims to being "in the world" and the language of tourism, before closing with a discussion on post-conceptual poetics.

Listen here

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anne Tardos + Laura Elrick

late on this, but happy to group these two shows together, they make a very poly-duo btwn Tardos' I Am You (Salt, 2008) and Elrick's multivocal audio pieces, accumulated using language from her book Fantasies in Permeable Structures (Factory School, 2005)

Anne Tardos on Ceputetics, 04/16/08

Laura Elrick on Ceptuetics, 04/23/08

the reason for the delay, i'm glad to say, will (persistent cold willing) result this week in a finished thesis on conceptual writing & a reading/discussion on post-conceptual poetics with Ara Shirinyan for next week's show.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Judith Goldman

Judith Goldman came onto ceptuetics after a stunning reading of chopped & détourned news stories at the Poetry Project. She read several new pieces, and discussed zones + boundaries, filtering the Internet, Spanglish and anti-immigration.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Updated Archives

All readings/interviews to date are now permanently archived on this blog (that is, there should be no more expired links, if you've tried unsuccessfully to listen to shows from the fall). Enjoy:

10-03-07 Rob Fitterman
10-24-07 Lawrence Giffin
11-07-07 Steven Zultanski
11-28-07 Sara Wintz
12-12-07 Rodrigo Toscano
01-23-08 Rachel Levitsky
02-06-08 Marie Buck
02-13-08 Barbara Cole
03-05-08 Rod Smith
03-12-08 Bruce Andrews
03-19-08 Kim Rosenfield
03-26-08 Kenneth Goldsmith
04-02-08 Anselm Berrigan

Tomorrow, Judith Goldman

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Anselm Berrigan

reading & interview on ceptuetics

Anselm reads from Some Notes on My Programming (Edge, 2006) and Have A Good One, a 46-page poem composed of 97 short poems sharing that title. We talk about his writing's connection to loss, poetry as political forum, and the structure of his new serial poem.

Anselm is reading with Ben Friedlander at Poetry Project this Wednesday (4/9) at 8pm.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kenneth Goldsmith

Kenneth Goldsmith talked with me on ceptuetics about his latest book, Sports, the new installment of his American "on the ones" trilogy (Make Now Press). From there we wander through many filters of conceptual writing: boredom, temporality, information management, peeling language off the page & pouring it into different forms.

See Goldsmith's EPC author page for many articles on his work, including an excellent collection of writings in Open Letter: Kenneth Goldsmith and Conceptual Poetics, edited by Barbara Cole and Lori Emerson. Also, Goldsmith & UbuWeb in this month's ArtForum.

Please feel free to send me comments/thoughts on Goldsmith's work at, if interested - I'm coming near a deadline for a thesis on the subject of conceptual writing, Kenneth Goldsmith, and Caroline Bergvall, and would be happy to discuss their work & the movement w/ others.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bruce Andrews, Kim Rosenfield

"we're all idiom now": Bruce Andrews reads from Give 'Em Enough Rope, Lip Service, and War and Peace (journal edited by Judith Goldman and Leslie Scalapino), discussing his modular writing process, his collaborations with musicians, dancers & other poets, and Lip Service's interrogation of gender socialization. At the end Bruce gives a shout-out to Obama.

re:evolution: Kim Rosenfield reads, sings, and talks about her latest, ambiguously named project (forthcoming on Les Figues next spring) - we talk inherited modes of logic & how to disrupt them w/ subjectivity in the poetic text, Kim strutting her stuff, feminism, and psychotherapy. Interrupting re-evolution's "Denouement," Kim gives a shout-out to Obama.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rod Smith reading/interview

Rod Smith reads from Deed (University of Iowa, 2008), discusses the structure of the book, quotation and détournement, his writing processes, and the New American and “outsider” traditions that have influenced him.

Monday, March 3, 2008

......two upcoming events......

Lil' Norton night

(President's Choice, Model Homes, Physical Poets)
Poetry Project, 131 E. 10th St at 2nd Ave
Friday, March 7 @ 10pm

Anne Tardos, Laura Elrick, Patrick Lovelace, Seth Landman,
Kareem Estefan, Eddie Hopely, Diana Hamilton, Kevin Thurston

more info at Poetry Project's calendar

Spectral Cravings
(performances / poems coordinated by Rachel Levitsky)
Dixon Place, 258 Bowery btwn Houston + Prince
Monday, March 10 @ 7pm

Pamela Brown, Andres Clerici, Lydia Cortes, Kareem Estefan,
Maria Mirabal, William Owen, Austin Publicover, Gail Tuch, Phyllis Wat

more info at William Owen's blog

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anselm Berrigan ... reading/interview not aired tonight

After enjoying a great conversation with Anselm earlier today on his book Some Notes on My Programming and a new 45-page poem made of nearly 100 shorter poems called "Have A Good One," I found that the CD-R with the reading/interview was entirely blank. So the show is postponed, I'll post a new date soon, my apologies!

For those who tuned in to WNYU tonight, what you heard was an 11/21/07 ceptuetics interview with Sara Wintz.

Friday, February 22, 2008

ceptuetics 02-20-08

That's Eddie Hopely's head. We all drew it two weekends ago at Freddy's in Brooklyn, for an "Acrosticoncretics" performance where the first letters of each word in Eddie's poem spelled out directions for mapping his head on a grid. I didn't end up with anyone's head, but I loved the different ways of listening the piece opened up - at first, catching letters to form words to make an image, then when I gave up on a particular section, catching words to make a poem, and finally, when I realized that most of the words being spelled could be predicted ("l-i-n-e" or "m-i-d-d-l-e" for example), looking to thread together and even anticipating words. Eddie's poetry renders reading an unpredictable activity of visual mapping, achieving something like a Situationist drift through language, which emphasizes process, disorientation, and networks of meaning that need not be connected.

Wednesday's show brought together a few recent performances, including Saturday's Segue reading with sound/noise artist Austin Publicover and poet Christina Strong, which you can hear (unfortunately cut off!) at the beginning of the file. Check out Austin's noise accompaniments to current Segue curator Alan Davies' poems in Mad Hatter's Review Issue 9 here. Alan Licht has some recent Conceptual Soundworks available on Ubu (I play an excerpt of "Rashomon"), and last in the playlist, Carla Harryman, with whom Austin Publicover has also collaborated, performed part of her Belladonna* book Open Box in Providence in 2005, available at PennSound.

Listen to the show here, it's time for me to go out in the snow.

1. Austin Publicover - Poem to the Last Fourteen of My Ex-Girlfriends, but Not the Thirteenth (excerpt)
2. Eddie Hopely - Acrosticoncretics: My Head
3. Alan Licht - Rashomon (excerpt)
4. Carla Harryman - Open Box (excerpt)

Next week, Anselm Berrigan, who is the author of three books of poetry published by Edge Books, most recently Some Notes on My Programming (2006). He co-edited the Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan (U.Cal, 2005), was Artistic Director of the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church from 2003-2007, and has just joined the staff of The Brooklyn Rail. He's also just completed a 46-page poem made of 97 short poems all called "Have A Good One."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Barbara Cole on ceptuetics

After an excellent Belladonna* reading with Elizabeth Robinson, Barbara Cole came into ceptuetics on Wednesday to read and discuss portions of her ongoing long poem, situ ation come dies. The scope of this project - a 5-part Bildungsroman written in the present, to paraphrase Rachel Levitsky - is already astonishing. Foxy Moron, which you can read from ubu's /ubu editions, investigates the sexual development of a young girl through the many shards of language that force their way upon her by way of pop songs, parents, pornos, and the bully at the back of the bus. Barbara's latest chapbook, from ear: say, out on Belladonna*, is a more solemn narrative that shifts the setting from grade school to the doctor's office. During the show, she discusses and reads from both sections:

Listen here

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Marie Buck reading/interview


You may already be an anarchist. It's true. Nothing is finer, more sublime or creamy. In its long history, when you come up with your own ideas and initiatives and solutions, it should bulge slightly. Not all brie is created equal. Poetry is made by all, not one, and at our cheese counter lies a cheese monger's tip.

from WHOLE FOODS, by Marie Buck

Download the show here
and if you haven't already, check out Marie's irreverent, outrageous chapbook Beard of Bees, see what Ron Silliman has to say, and order some Model Homes! Can't get enough? Look out for a collection of Marie's poetry on Patrick Lovelace's press, Nocturnal Editions, this spring.

Next week on ceptuetics:
Barbara Cole received her Ph.D. from the Poetics Program at SUNY—Buffalo in 2006. Since 2000, she has been writing the ongoing project, situ ation come dies, a long poem in five parts. In 2002, a chapbook-length excerpt of the first section was published by Handwritten Press followed by an excerpt from the second section, foxy moron, by /ubu editions in 2004. Most recently, Belladonna published a chapbook excerpt from the middle section, ear say. Earlier chapbooks include little wives (Potes&Poets, 1998) and postcards (BeautifulSwimmer, 1998). In 2005, Cole co-edited (with Lori Emerson) an issue of Open Letter: A Canadian Journal of Writing and Theory on "Kenneth Goldsmith and Conceptual Poetics." Currently, she is co-editing (with Sarah Bay-Cheng) a collection of plays written by modernist poets.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

ceptuetics 01-30-08

Wednesday's show (follow this link, and click on "01 ceptuetics 01-30-08.mp3" on the right hand side of the page)

Lawrence Weiner "Having Been Done At / Having Been Done To, Essendo Stato Fatto A" Tellus 21: Audio by Visual Artists {1973}

Redell Olsen
"Untitled" The Book of Fur (Rem Press) {2000}
Kristin Prevallet "Lyric Infiltration" Scratch Sides: Poetry, Documentation, and Image-Text Projects (Skanky Possum Books) {2002}
Kevin Davies "Part Two" The Golden Age of Paraphernalia {2004 reading; book forthcoming}

P. Inman
"Smaller" Criss Cross (Roof Books) {1994}
Marjorie Welish "One A"

Patti Smith
"Parade" Sugar, Alcohol, & Meat (Giorno Poetry Systems)

On Wednesday, tune in to hear
Marie Buck, who writes poems, co-edits the mostly-poetry journal Model Homes with Brad Flis, and studies poetry and poetics in the English Ph.D. program at Wayne State University in Detroit. Her chapbook "Life & Style" appears online at Beard of Bees, and a prose piece is forthcoming in the "bpNichol + 20" issue of Open Letter.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rachel Levitsky reading/interview

Wednesday's show: Rachel Levitsky reads from Neighbor, a manuscript forthcoming on Ugly Duckling Presse, and The Story of My Accident is Ours, a novella.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

hi again, here are two shows

Back from a trip to Berlin, and very excited to begin classes with Avital Ronell & Kamau Brathwaite this semester. Also some great upcoming guests to be announced soon! For now, archives of the two shows that aired while I was away, and tune in tomorrow night to hear Rachel Levitsky read recent work & talk with me about her poetry and Belladonna* books.

Ceptuetics 01-09-08 (dedicated to Henri Chopin)

1. bpNichol - "Clover"
2. Henri Chopin - "Sol Air"
3. Nikolaus Einhorn - "Don't you may be, the essential interview" (w/ John Cage and Hans G. Helms)
4. Robert Ashley - "She Was a Visitor"

Ceptuetics 01-16-08

1. Rachel Blau DuPlessis - "Draft 72"
2. Erica Hunt -
"Invisible Hands"
3. Tom Raworth - "Catacoustics"
4. Ben Friedlander - "The Mind is a Bubble Sheet"
5. Hans Arp - "Dada-Spruche"
6. Camille Bryen - "Tete de Coq"
7. Nam June Paik - "Simple"
8. Language Removal Services - "Marilyn Monroe"
9. Bruce Andrews - "You Made This World, We Didn't" (which I mistakenly present as the Index to I Don't Have Any Paper, So Shut Up)

Rachel Levitsky’s first full length volume, Under the Sun was published by Futurepoem books in 2003. She is the author of five chapbooks of poetry, Dearly (a+bend, 1999), Dearly 356, Cartographies of Error (Leroy, 1999), The Adventures of Yaya and Grace (PotesPoets, 1999) and 2(1x1)Portraits (Baksun, 1998). Most of her poetic works tend toward what is known as ‘the long poem’ and she is currently writing a prose novella. Levitsky writes poetry plays, three of which (one with Camille Roy) have been performed in New York and San Francisco. Her work has been published in magazines such as The Reculse, Sentence, Fence, The Brooklyn Rail, Global City, The Hat, Skanky Possum, Lungfull! and in the anthologies, Boog City (vol. I & II), Bowery Women, and 19 Lines: A Drawing Center Writing Anthology. Recently her work was translated into Icelandic for the anthology 131.839 Slög Med Bilum by Eiríkur Örn Nordahl. Online poetry and critical essays can be found on such sites as Narrativity, Duration Press, How2, and Web Conjunctions. She is the founder and co-director of Belladonna*, an event and publication series of feminist avant-garde poetics.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

happy new year & ceptuetics 01-02-08

Happy new year! here's today's show

1. J. Henry Chunko "1-60" {remix of Charles Bernstein's 1-100}

2. Tracie Morris "Afro-Futurism" {Close Listening, 2005}
3. Eileen Myles "Orleans" {Frequency Audio Journal issue one}
4. Rod Smith "Love Poems 2" {Fear the Sky, Narrow House Recordings}
5. John Yau "100 Views of the Port of Baltimore" CD {2000}
6. Lydia Davis "The Dog Man" {1984}

7. Charles Amirkhanian "Hypothetical Moments" Mental Radio {1981}
8. Anne Tardos & Jackson MacLow "Refrigerator Defrosting Pseudoglossolalia" {Doings: Assorted Performance Pieces 1955-2002 (Granary Books) CD}

9. Nicole Brossard "Installations" {2001}