Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kenneth Goldsmith

Kenneth Goldsmith talked with me on ceptuetics about his latest book, Sports, the new installment of his American "on the ones" trilogy (Make Now Press). From there we wander through many filters of conceptual writing: boredom, temporality, information management, peeling language off the page & pouring it into different forms.

See Goldsmith's EPC author page for many articles on his work, including an excellent collection of writings in Open Letter: Kenneth Goldsmith and Conceptual Poetics, edited by Barbara Cole and Lori Emerson. Also, Goldsmith & UbuWeb in this month's ArtForum.

Please feel free to send me comments/thoughts on Goldsmith's work at, if interested - I'm coming near a deadline for a thesis on the subject of conceptual writing, Kenneth Goldsmith, and Caroline Bergvall, and would be happy to discuss their work & the movement w/ others.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog and great idea for a show. I hope to listen from way out here in madison, where I host a show of contemporary poetry and experimental writing on WSUM-FM.
paul baker
Wordsalad radio