Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tracie Morris and Tan Lin

Tan Lin reads (with me) from Plagiarism/Outsource, a project that chronicles Heath Ledger's death through SMS messages and RSS feeds. We talk about the technological provisions for ambient writing with multiple subjectivities, Tan's strategy of re-writing news stories by inserting himself into the work, the genres of autobiography and the novel, duration, and Warhol & disco as post-medium moments.

Tracie Morris airs audio pieces - "Get It, Got It," a collaboration with Elliott Sharp, and "Gallery" - and reads from a collaboration with Charles Bernstein, "Truth Be Told." We talk about poetry's potential for political intervention as we receive word on the economic crisis, and discuss language use in the 2008 election, speech act theory, and collaboration. File is strangely reverb-y.

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