Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ceptuetics #3

Here's the third show archived.

Ceptuetics #3

1. Emmett Williams "Duet" The Dial-A-Poem Poets (Giorno Poetry Systems) CD
2. Hannah Weiner "excerpt from Spoke" Live at the Ear Inn (Oracular Laboratory) CD
3. Barbara Cole "from Situation Comedies: Foxy Moron" CD
4. Rodrigo Toscano "Portrait Seven" The Disparities (Green Integer) CD
5. Joan La Barbara "Poem #61" 73 Poems (Permanent Press) CD
6. Charles Amirkhanian "Just" 10 + 2 = 12 American Text-Sound Pieces CD
7. Gertrude Stein "If I Told Him: A Complete Portrait of Picasso" CD

Friday, September 7, 2007

Debut Show

Here's an mp3 of the first edition of ceptuetics. I was very happy with the show despite a couple technical problems and more than a little nervousness. This mp3 will only be available for the next week until I figure out where to host large files. If you miss it, you can always stream at WNYU's archives.

Ceptuetics Debut

Featured on this show:

Brion Gysin - "I Am" Machine-Poem
John Cage - excerpt from Mureau
Rae Armantrout - Manufacturing
Caroline Bergvall - excerpt from Via: Dante Variations
Christian Bok - excerpt from Chapter I of Eunoia
Ernst Jandl - What You Can Do Without Vowels
Paul de Vree - Kids

Monday, September 3, 2007


Featuring a tribute to John Cage on his (posthumous) 95th birthday.

To listen online, go to WNYU.ORG OR iTunes Radio (WNYU is listed under "eclectic").

If you can't tune in Wednesday nights, each show will be archived as a stream at WNYU and as a downloadable mp3 right here.

For a preview of ceptuetics, listen to the promo, a collage of some favorites (see below).

R. Henry Nigl - Shout Art
K. Silem Mohammad - Peace Kittens
Gertrude Stein - If I Told Him, A Completed Portrait of Picasso
Rob Fitterman - from Metropolis
Darren Wershler-Henry - from The Tapeworm Foundry
Ernst Jandl - What You Can Do Without Vowels
Yoko Ono flushing a toilet
Aram Saroyan - Crickets
Adachi Tomomi - Ursonate (by Kurt Schwitters)
John Cage - First Sonata for Prepared Piano
Christian Bok - Chapter U (from Eunoia)

poetry samples courtesy of UbuWeb, except for Mohammad and Wershler-Henry, courtesy of PennSound