Friday, February 15, 2008

Barbara Cole on ceptuetics

After an excellent Belladonna* reading with Elizabeth Robinson, Barbara Cole came into ceptuetics on Wednesday to read and discuss portions of her ongoing long poem, situ ation come dies. The scope of this project - a 5-part Bildungsroman written in the present, to paraphrase Rachel Levitsky - is already astonishing. Foxy Moron, which you can read from ubu's /ubu editions, investigates the sexual development of a young girl through the many shards of language that force their way upon her by way of pop songs, parents, pornos, and the bully at the back of the bus. Barbara's latest chapbook, from ear: say, out on Belladonna*, is a more solemn narrative that shifts the setting from grade school to the doctor's office. During the show, she discusses and reads from both sections:

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