Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bruce Andrews, Kim Rosenfield

"we're all idiom now": Bruce Andrews reads from Give 'Em Enough Rope, Lip Service, and War and Peace (journal edited by Judith Goldman and Leslie Scalapino), discussing his modular writing process, his collaborations with musicians, dancers & other poets, and Lip Service's interrogation of gender socialization. At the end Bruce gives a shout-out to Obama.

re:evolution: Kim Rosenfield reads, sings, and talks about her latest, ambiguously named project (forthcoming on Les Figues next spring) - we talk inherited modes of logic & how to disrupt them w/ subjectivity in the poetic text, Kim strutting her stuff, feminism, and psychotherapy. Interrupting re-evolution's "Denouement," Kim gives a shout-out to Obama.

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