Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ceptuetics 12-19-07

Listen to today's show, which veered off in many directions...

Marcel Broodthaers "Interview With A Cat (excerpt)"

Tan Lin "1935 "The Present Situation in Quantum Mechanics"

Susan Stone "Langue Etude" Tellus #11 (The Sound of Radio) {1985}

Jarrod Fowler "The Weather, by Kenneth Goldsmith"

On Kawara "1994-2613 AD (excerpt)" One Million Years

Christian Bok "Mushroom Clouds" The Cyborg Opera

Henri Chopin "Rouge" {1956}

Eberhard Blum "Track 5" 62 Mesostics Re: Merce Cunningham
(Hat Now) CD {text by John Cage}

Kimberly Lyons "11 Spiders" {2006}

If you like the Susan Stone track, check out the three new Tellus cassettes presented on Ubu, great stuff brought to you by Danny Snelson and Continuo.



Hello Kareem,
I want to make a question about What do you know respect Chris Marker's works?, because I saw in your profile that you like 'Sans Soleil' documentary. And some time ago I am looking for information about to Marker and I would appreciate if you can help me, please.

Have a Happy New Year!

Carton Tragedy said...

henri chopin died today...RIP