Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rodrigo Toscano

Rodrigo came into ceptuetics yesterday and talked with me about his latest project, Collapsible Poetics Theater, a series of polyvocal pieces, body movement poems, and poetics plays that will be collected next year by Fence Books. He also aired a radio play, "Eco-Strato-Static" (text for this and other CPT pieces available at his EPC page).

Download the show here

The Collapsible Poetics Theater is an all volunteer effort, one that assembles itself within a given 48-72 hour period of each performance. Each locale (with its resident poets, experienced actors, experienced non-actors) brings an entirely new set of possibilities. It is reminiscent of Commedia Dell'Arte in its traveling, portable, rapid-set up qualities. To be sure, Poetics Theater fits into the poetry scene as a baby does in itchy burlap; it fits into the drama scene as does a little crown, little scepter, little gown, all neatly stored in a metal suitcase (quite literally!). The dings are just dings. The persistent question is: can the poem be tested any further?

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